Les Encres Threads Podcast: Lux Clinic

Hello, everybody, and thank you for taking the time to join us today to the Les Encres Threads podcast.  I am joined today with Kaylee Walker, who is the owner of the Lux clinic in Perdido Florida. Welcome, Kelly. Welcome. Hello, thanks for having me. I am super excited that you have joined us because…

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Why Does Your Practice Need Les Encres Cosmetic Threads?

Why Does Your Practice Need Les Encres’s Cosmetic Threads

Les Encres continues to revolutionize the cosmetic thread industry by providing superior medical-grade cosmetic threads supported by comprehensive education and business development. Choosing Les Encres Cosmetic Threads for your practice will help you bring the artistry of cosmetic dentistry to life, enhancing your practice’s vision of beauty. Les Encres Cosmetic Threads – An Overview Les…

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