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Our Safety Standards

Les Encres is at the forefront of advancing safety standards and product quality in PDO Threads, setting us apart as a superior brand through a blend of education and commitment.


Our use of polydioxanone sutures, with a well-established safety record in surgical settings, signifies a seamless transition to aesthetic medicine. These threads not only stimulate collagen growth but are meticulously designed for tissue approximation, ensuring versatility and efficacy. Addressing the elusive mid-face area, correcting gravitational ptosis naturally, and enhancing treatment modalities showcase the comprehensive benefits of Les Encres PDO Threads.

Product Handling

In our commitment to excellence, each pouch undergoes meticulous handling. Pre-labeled and bar-coded for precise charting, they are scanned and electronically recorded by batch, lot, and expiration date, guaranteeing stringent quality control.


Les Encres goes beyond being registered with the FDA (#10058431); we are insured with $2,000,000 in liability coverage, encompassing both General and Product liability. This dedication emphasizes not just regulatory compliance but a commitment to your safety and confidence in our products.

Setting the Standard

As pioneers in the cosmetic industry, we actively engage in clinical data studies and white paper endeavors, contributing to the ongoing evolution of safety standards. Choose Les Encres for threads that not only meet regulatory benchmarks but are crafted with a focus on education, innovation, and a commitment to superior safety and effectiveness.

Discover The Les Encres Standard of Excellence