I love Les Encres Threads. As the owner and medical director of New Body Aesthetics I count on the best products for my patients. Les Encres products are not only easy to use but create amazing results for my patients. I would recommend them to anyone, novice or expert.

Cory Gaiser

New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH

Being in the industry since 1989, you have to do a lot of research for a new product. Threads are one of the most important researched products we've done citing their use. We've had nothing but fantastic results using their threads, and the same with their customer service as well. Stephanie Crowley is a pleasure.

Bella MediSpa and Salon

Newton, NJ

I have researched many thread companies and Les Encres is my favorite. They have the multi-thread and it’s my favorite for nasolabial folds and accordion lines. The company has the best training courses that are hands on, and the course syllabus is very thorough. Ty Les Encres for being such a great company overall.

Keely Walker

Lux Clinic in Pensacola, FL

I have used other cosmetic threads and Les Encres is by far my favorite! They are sturdy and well made, have never had an issue when using them. My client rep Stefanie is fantastic and is constantly in touch keeping me abreast of the latest and greatest within the company. The threads are so effective even in troublesome areas and compliment filler and toxins perfectly. Clients are just LOVING the results @loveyourlook_bytara

Tara Viggiani

Rivervale, NJ

The product is as guaranteed, and we love the versatility, quality and results we get with our clients. However, the intangibles are what set Les Encres apart from the rest: fantastic customer service, valuable instructional and educational opportunities, and the ease and accuracy of purchasing and shipping. Kimberly, our customer rep, is excellent and always prompt in helping us with anything we need.

Gerald Amundsen

Face It Medical Aesthetics in Mustang, OK

Les Encres are the threads of choice in my practice. I am able to achieve great lift and collagen induction with this line, while the need for multiple threads to produce a great outcome is decreased. This is a high-quality adjunct therapy with lip filler to rebuild the patients natural collagen in areas where filler can cause an over filled look. A beautiful natural result is easily achievable.  The product is user-friendly and of great quality. The customer support is top notch. Love my Les Encres threads.

Laura Stillman

Beauti Pharm in Grand Blanc, MI

I own a medical spa in Oklahoma City, and have been using Les Encres threads for a year now! They have changed my practice in that I am able to do many more things to enhance a face, by combining threads with fillers and neurotoxins. My patients have been so pleased with the results! I highly recommend this company. They are timely and efficient in getting the orders shipped to my office, and my rep is attentive, knowledgeable, and has been a pleasure to work with. Overall, I highly recommend this company for all your aesthetic thread needs. Natasha Spears, B.S., R.N., Owner/Injector at Injectable Aesthetics, OKC.

Natasha Spears, B.S., R.N.

Owner/Injector at Injectable Aesthetics, OKC

I own a medspa in Knoxville, TN. We have been using Les Encres threads for the last 2 years. They are absolutely the best threads on the market. I have used many other thread companies in the past and I have to say Les Encres threads give me the best, long lasting results. Highly recommend their products. 

Stephanie Snowden, NP

Owner/Injector at The Wellness Room

The versatility of these threads are excellent and the quality is unbeatable. This is the only brand we will use. 

Peggy Demetriou, ARNP, FNP-BC

CEO and Founder of Qvita Health and Wellness.

My face has aged well, it’s the rest of my body that’s not cooperating.  Les Encres Threads tightened the skin on and around my neck, lifting and refreshing my look, Thank you!



The thread is as thin as a human hair but strong enough to hold up my aging face, I can’t get enough of this technology!



I was shocked to see how immediate the results were…and how long they have lasted!



At first I was skeptical but now I love the results so much I’m looking forward to returning to the Clinic to have my cellulite treated!