Everything we do is to enhance your vision of beauty.

We believe the body is a canvas, our clinical tools are the ink and each skilled brush stroke reverses the effects of time. 

We help you bring the artistry of cosmetic threading to life.

Everything we do is to enhance your vision of beauty.

We believe the body is a canvas, our clinical tools are the ink and each skilled brush stroke reverses the effects of time. 

We help you bring the artistry of cosmetic threading to life.

Les Encres Body Paintbrush Stroke
Les Encres Body Paintbrush Stroke

Discover The Les Encres Standard of Excellence

Body Refreshed

Les Encres Cosmetic Threads is believed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, smooth out the décolleté, provide slight lift to the breasts and knees, minimize sagging on the upper arms (batwings), chin and neck, and reduce the appearance of nasal-facial folds and marionette lines. Les Encres Cosmetic Threads dissolve completely leaving behind new, healthy collagen in their place. The boost in collagen gives each treatment area a “reset” on the normal aging process.

Face Renewed

Collagen is a key element in keeping our skin plump, firm and thick. We are not producing as much collagen as we age causing the skin to thin out and succumb to the effects of gravity. The result is sagging, loose skin. When cosmetic threads are placed, the body uses its natural healing response to jump-start the natural production of collagen in that area. Increased collagen means renewal in the way of firmer, smoother, more voluminous skin.

Time Reclaimed

As time passes, it leaves its mark on the body in the way of forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, crows feet, sagging, stretch marks and more. They say time is something we can never get back, we don’t think so! A treatment with Les Encres Cosmetic Threads offers results without surgery or chemical dermal fillers. Les Encres Threads can lift, tighten and add volume where needed ~ all in the time it takes you to eat lunch.

Time just lost its edge!

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Why Cosmetic Threads?

Until cosmetic threads, the only real solution for loose skin was an invasive surgical procedure.

The traditional face-lift can be transforming to the appearance but with it comes extended healing time, risks and higher treatment cost. Historically, these factors have made the traditional face-lift unavailable as a cosmetic option for most. There are other less invasive modalities such as lasers or dermal fillers. Both can be great options for smaller areas where fine lines and wrinkles are the only concern.

For larger areas and to truly solve the problem of skin laxity anywhere, you need one thing, lift. Cosmetic threads are surgical sutures inserted under the skin using a small needle. Threading these sutures under the skin allows us to use the exposed thread end to pull the loose skin taught. A cosmetic thread procedure offers mirror-like effects of the more invasive, surgical face-lift procedure without the added pain and hassle. Restoring a smooth, youthful appearance to the face, neck, décolleté (chest canvas), breasts, legs, buttocks, upper arm, and mid-section.

Service driven satisfaction for our clients.

Results for their patients.

Stephanie Snowden, NP

Owner/Injector at The Wellness Room

I own a medspa in Knoxville, TN. We have been using Les Encres threads for the last 2 years. They are absolutely the best threads on the market. I have used many other thread companies in the past and I have to say Les Encres threads give me the best, long-lasting results. Highly recommend their products. 

Peggy Demetriou, ARNP, FNP-BC

CEO and Founder of Qvita Health and Wellness.

The versatility of these threads are excellent and the quality is unbeatable. This is the only brand we will use. 

Natasha Spears, B.S., R.N.

Owner/Injector at Injectable Aesthetics, OKC

I own a medical spa in Oklahoma City, and have been using Les Encres threads for a year now! They have changed my practice in that I am able to do many more things to enhance a face, by combining threads with fillers and neurotoxins. My patients have been so pleased with the results! I highly recommend this company. They are timely and efficient in getting the orders shipped to my office, and my rep is attentive, knowledgeable, and has been a pleasure to work with. Overall, I highly recommend this company for all your aesthetic thread needs.



At first I was skeptical but now I love the results so much I’m looking forward to returning to the Clinic to have my cellulite treated!



My face has aged well, it’s the rest of my body that’s not cooperating.  Les Encres Threads tightened the skin on and around my neck, lifting and refreshing my look, Thank you!



My friends were amazed.  I can’t wait to go to my high school reunion.  Thank you Les Encres.

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