The Benefits of PDO Threads: A Natural-Looking Approach to Anti-Aging

A woman looking above holding a mirror while showing the benefits of PDO Threads

Les Encres continues to revolutionize the cosmetic thread industry by providing superior medical-grade threads that offer a safe and natural-looking approach to anti-aging. From lifting sagging skin to softening fine lines and wrinkles and enhancing facial contours, our FDA-cleared Les Encres PDO threads will elevate your cosmetic enhancements, aligning with your practice’s vision of beauty.…

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Les Encres Podcast: Weight Loss Coaching Techniques for You & Your Patients

Les Encres Podcast: Weight-loss coaching for you and your patients

Listen on Spotify: Welcome to the Les Encres Threads Podcast! In today’s episode, we’re joined by Certified Health and Fitness Coach Mona Jisr from Nashville. Mona shares her holistic approach to health, emphasizing the importance of goal-setting and personalized coaching. We’ll explore how aesthetics professionals can enhance their services by understanding clients’ motivations and setting…

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