How Can a Spa Owner Benefit from Coaching with Les Encres?

Standing out from your competition in today’s competitive medical spa industry requires not only exceptional service but also continuous professional development and innovation. Whether you are new to the medical aesthetics world or are wanting to expand your skill set, Les Encres offers a unique opportunity for spa owners to elevate their business through specialized virtual coaching sessions.

Personalized Guidance from Industry Leaders

Les Encres’ Virtual Coaching Sessions are one-on-one consultations with Stacy Caldwell, the visionary Founder and CEO at Les Encres. These sessions, available in blocks of 1 to 2 hours, are personalized sessions conducted via Zoom, offering interactive discussions on specific treatment areas. 

Stacy Caldwell shares her wealth of knowledge, providing spa owners with insights into alternative treatment techniques and perspectives. She offers guidance on product selection, pricing strategies, and care plans, all tailored to enhance your service offerings.

An Alternative Collaborative Coaching Option

Stacy is also pleased to offer an Alternative Collaborative Coaching Option for new practitioners with a 2-day business turnaround. What sets this program apart is its emphasis on tailored solutions. Spa owners can submit photos of potential patients for a collaborative treatment planning session. You will receive advice on treatment options, product selection, and pricing strategies, complete with a detailed diagram of treatment alternatives. Our collaborative approach ensures that solutions are customized to meet your spa’s unique needs, paving your path to increased growth and profitability. 

Additional Growth Opportunities

Aside from our virtual coaching, we are pleased to offer 6-hour supportive education sessions, working onsite with your team. Our experienced educators provide a fully customized hands-on learning experience to complement your current skill set. Our ongoing educational opportunities help to build confidence and enhance treatment outcomes. 

Continuing Education for Enhanced Profitability

At Les Encres, we are committed to supporting our providers and providing opportunities for continuous education. By participating in these coaching sessions, spa owners and their teams can stay ahead of industry trends, learn new techniques, and refine their business strategies. That not only enhances the quality of the service they offer but also significantly impacts their med spa’s reputation and profitability.

Are You Ready to Take Your Med Spa to the Next Level? 

Ready to embrace the opportunity to elevate your spa with Les Encres’ coaching sessions? We invite you to sign up through your trusted LE Sales Partner and discover how Les Encres’ commitment to professional growth and innovation can transform your business! Contact us to discover the Les Encres Standard of excellence!