The Les Encres Technique – All You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About the Les Encres Technique

Skin ages as we age; there is no denying that fact. But there are some techniques available to help enhance low collagen can make your skin look more youthful. One such method is the Les Encres technique, and it is one that has produced positive results for many users. Minimally invasive and physically tolerated by most, this procedure is safe and simple, allowing you to get back to work or family matters right afterward. Here is what you need to know about Les Encres cosmetic threads and how they can work for you.

What Is the Les Encres Technique?

The Les Encres technique uses task-specific threads for skin rejuvenation by lifting the ptotic tissue. The non-anchored, monofilament PDO threads are situated in a lattice-like pattern to create a collagen framework. This creates the appearance of younger skin, improves the skin’s tone and texture, and gets rid of fine lines. These sutures are inserted using a 26-30g mounted needle. Then, the PDO threads are precisely placed into the subcutaneous skin layer to augment that area’s soft tissue. There is only minimal discomfort during this procedure, and it quickly goes away.

What Are Les Encres Cosmetic Threads?

Combination therapy using barbed threads can be used in a non-surgical lifting of the neck, body, brow, and face. Utilizing a blunt-tipped cannula to minimize trauma and reduce the risk of nerve damage, these threads are strategically placed. This will lift the skin’s tissue, resulting in the desired appearance that can last longer than other procedures. Using PDO threads increases the volume that is naturally lost to the aging process. Every thread option is self-dissolving.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Les Encres Cosmetic Threads?

Our cosmetic threads are designed to act like a surgical facelift – but without the surgery. This minimally invasive procedure is ideal for those who wish to reduce forehead lines, lip lines, frown lines, jowls, acne scars, and crow’s feet.

For the body, they can lessen the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. They can also slightly lift the knees and breasts, all the while reducing skin sag all over.

Why You Should Use Les Encres Cosmetic Threads

Surgical procedures might not be a viable option for certain patients. Les Encres cosmetic threads provide a minimally invasive alternative with less downtime and less risk for complications. This is also a more affordable option, ideal for anyone who is on a budget.

The Les Encres technique is one that providers and patients use to achieve desirable results as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. Our cosmetic threads are soluble, and you can go straight back to your everyday life after having this procedure done. For more information, please be sure to reach out to our knowledgeable professionals.