Why Choose Les Encres’ Cosmetic Threads for Your Practice?

Why Your Practice Needs Les Encres’ Cosmetic Threads

As an aesthetic practitioner, you have specialty training and experience. Tools that enhance your expertise can help you achieve results that reflect your industry’s standards for best practice. They can also give your clients the lift, tone, and youthful look they desire. Our cosmetic thread line gives you a reliable, safe option to help even patients with multiple health concerns achieve their vision of beauty.

Cosmetic Threads Get Reliable Results

A quick internet search for “cosmetic threads near me” reveals numerous images of successful body and facial lifting procedures. Whether they want their marionette lines, love handles, or acne scars treated, they’re sure to find many before and after pictures. Once they reach your practice, they have ideas of what a successful procedure might do for them. 

While bringing patients back to reality is a part of your job, so is getting patients the best possible results. Since our cosmetic threads are made from polydioxanone, they can withstand the rigors of body and facial tissue sculpting procedures. Since they can help stimulate collagen growth, they can help your patients achieve a realistically more youthful look.

Cosmetic Threads Keep Safety First

Soft tissue augmentation procedures have potential risks. We know you do your best to maintain aseptic technique and other patient safety parameters. We support your work by doing our best to provide research-backed materials that most of your patients will tolerate well.

In our common professional sphere, details matter. While it might be challenging to find cosmetic threads near me in your city, our packaging pouch is carefully manufactured to minimize the potential for oxidation during shipping and storage. Our pouches protect our threads from oxidative elements such as:

  • Light
  • Moisture
  • Heat

We also add barcodes to each package to support proper documentation of your procedures and to quickly retrieve batch, lot, and expiration date information. 

Cosmetic Threads Help With Specialty Health Concerns

While dermal fillers and neurotoxins such as the botulinum toxin can help patients achieve good results, they are sometimes contraindicated. Patients with a previous adverse event from one of these substances benefit from having a safe alternative such as our threads.

Other patients might not have an identified allergy or adverse reaction but choose to avoid such substances. In our experience, these patients might have read quite a bit about Cosmetic threads Near me and are eager to have threading procedures. Please call or email our Les Encres support team to learn more about our cosmetic thread line or to place an order.