Mono threads, the real money maker!

Thread lifting has quickly gained popularity in the medical aesthetic industry due to its very minimal level of evasiveness and wide range of indications. PDO, PCL and/or PLLA Threading allows medical professionals to obtain many of the aesthetic benefits and results that were once only obtained through surgery.  The wonder of watching a social media clip as skin folds magically dance up and down with the simple tug of a ‘string’ certainly is captivating for injectors but the real magic isn’t with lifting threads…it’s with mono and screw threads!

Bio-stimulating mono and screw threads are an excellent way to supplement your treatment options without adding potential complications often experienced from COG (barbed) threads. 

Inserting Mono or Screw threads using a mesh technique can help tighten, strengthen and support sagging skin, often with only the use of 10-20 threads.  Return on investment for injectors using this technique can range anywhere from 368% (forehead wrinkles) to 1001% (smoker’s lines).

Even better than your ROI, is your patient’s satisfaction.  Mono and Screw threads can be easily inserted with little to no bruising, swelling or residual pain and have minimal post-care restrictions.  Did you know the intramuscular insertion of Mono threads can help reduce the contractive activity of facial muscles?  This is important for patients with contraindications to or who are resistant to neurotoxins.  Glabellar treatment using only 8 Mono threads can provide you with an average ROI of 1638%! 

COG threads certainly have earned their place in the ever-growing lineup of PDO, PCL and PLLA threads yet pale in comparison to the untapped profitability of Mono and Screw threads.  To learn more, email us at to receive a complimentary Gross Profit Margin & ROI Treatment Guide!