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What sets us apart is our turn-key business model and belief in excellence. We believe in supporting you through extensive customizable coaching and all the necessary patient education and marketing tools needed for surpassing success. We have poured years of collective experience into developing the comprehensive support we offer our providers.


Through our extensive experience with implementing cosmetic threading procedures in practices, we saw the strong need for patient-facing collateral material as well as team-oriented training on how to communicate with patients about all their aesthetic options with cosmetic threads.

Les Encres set out to support their providers even further by creating fully customizable marketing materials that can be ordered with the click of a button. Each marketing piece comes with an introductory sheet explaining how this collateral impacts your business, how to use the tool and patient conversation examples for your team.

Les Encres’ customer-focused business model

helps aesthetic professionals grow their business by providing customized business development tools such as:

Les Encres Counter Stand

Counter Stands

Les Encres Poster


Les Encres Patient Broch

Patient Brochures

Les Encres Patient Sales Sheet

Patient Sell Sheets

Les Encres Patient Takehome

Patient Consultation Take-Home

Les Encres Lobby Foam Core

Lobby Foam Core

Les Encres Cosmetic Threads Icon

Patient Post-Care Instruction Guide


Receive Cosmetic Thread business and marketing support to build your success!