The Les Encres Technique

Through the use of task-specific threads, rejuvenation of the skin and lifting of ptotic tissue can be achieved.

Skin rejuvenating and textural appearance can occur using non-anchored, monofilament threads.  By placing PDO threads in a lattice-styled pattern, a framework of collagen develops providing the appearance of more youthful skin, eliminating fine lines/rhytids, and improving the appearance of tone and texture. Routinely inserted via a 26-30g mounted needle, PDO threads are placed with precision into the subcutaneous (intradermal, hypodermal) layer for soft tissue augmentation. Due to the minimally invasive technique and through the use of topical anesthetics, the patient experiences minimal discomfort.

Non-surgical lifting of the brow, face, neck, and body may be achieved utilizing a combination therapy including barbed threads. Barbed threads are placed using a blunt-tipped cannula which minimizes trauma and decreases the risk for large vessel and nerve damage.  This mechanical lifting of the tissue can achieve desirable results while providing a longer-lasting effect than most other modalities. Additionally, the use of PDO threads provides an increase/return in volume which is lost during the aging process.  All thread options are not permanent nor require removal, but dissolve over time.

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Les Encres offers the most extensive variety of thread options in the market which provides a multitude of solutions for medical clinicians.

Utilizing a combination of threads alone or in conjunction with other aesthetic modalities, clinicians are able to achieve desirable, long-lasting, natural results and return to a timeless, classical beauty, and elegance. 

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The Ideal Patient

Patient with skin laxity and crepiness respond well through the promotion of collagen stimulation. Patients with large body habitus or thick skin/tissue are not ideal candidates for the thread lifting. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important to manage patient outcome expectations. Les Encres training ensures that your team of professionals is well equipped to communicate all aspects of the procedure to your patients including benefits and risks.

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Safe + Effective

Polydioxanone sutures have a long and safe record of use in surgical settings, they are absorbed by the body, do not cause harmful physiological damage to tissue and are easily tolerated by most patients.  That same technology has finally transferred to aesthetic medicine and Cosmetic Threads are quickly becoming mainstream. As a safe and effective method to stimulate collagen growth, Cosmetic Threads provide you with the opportunity to treat the elusive mid-face area, give your patients a natural looking correction to gravitational ptosis and increase the efficiency of multiple treatment modalities.

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Integrated Care

Cosmetic Threads can be used in many areas of the body but more importantly, can be used in patients who choose to forgo or are contraindicated for the use of neurotoxins and injectable dermal fillers. Cosmetic Threads can also be used to replenish the density of crepey skin prior to a more invasive procedure, reduce scarring post-operatively, and can easily be integrated into your existing PRP or stem cell treatments to enhance the quality and duration of your patient’s results.

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