Being Uniquely You Is Beautiful In All Cultures

Around the world beauty is celebrated in numerous different ways, making each culture uniquely beautiful! Many countries have definitions of beauty that are completely different from what we strive for in America. While tan sun kissed skin is thought of as beautiful in America, in many Asian countries like South Korea try to avoid the sun at all costs because pale porcelain skin is a desirable quality. We see this beauty trend in Asian countries like South Korea because in the past having pale skin meant that you were wealthy and didn’t have to work in the fields all day under the hot sun. 

In some areas of Myanmar and Thailand, women wear heavy brass rings around their necks so that their necks appear longer. While this may look like torture to most Westerners, the brass rings really just create a visual illusion that the neck is longer than it really is. The heavy rings push the collarbone and upper ribs to such an angle that it appears that the collarbone is actually part of the neck. Similarly, Members of the Masai tribe in Africa wear big heavy earrings made of stone or elephant tusks that stretch their earlobes over long periods of time. A woman’s status in her tribe is heightened by the size and how elongated her earlobes are. 

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