Sunscreen Mistakes That Hurt Your Skin

There are several reasons why you still get burned after putting your sunscreen on.  Many people can relate to these incidents and have often wondered why they keep re-occurring. These are just some tips to help those beach trips become a little more enjoyable. Don’t forget that sunscreen should be worn daily to prevent daily sun exposure. It’s never too late to start practicing good skin routines to preserve the fragile areas of the skin. 

Reason #1 is because you’re applying your sunscreen when you get to the beach. Normally, sunscreen takes at least 20 minutes to sink into your skin. The best tip is to apply the sunscreen before you get ready to make sure that its even and not splotchy burns.  

Reason #2 is because when you are applying you are not putting enough. Most people just want to put a small dollop on their skin. The best amount should be at least 1 ounce to coat the whole body, and use small amounts to reapply in certain areas you feel are needed.  

Reason #3 is because you skip the important areas of the body.  The lips and eyelids are considered the most susceptible to sunlight damage and those spots tend to go uncovered leading to damage. Chapstick that has at least SPF 15 is best for the lips and small drops on the eyelids when apply the first coat.  

Some other mistakes that are made include not reapplying, not apply smooth or even enough, not applying when its cloudy, or you don’t to in account the expiration date. These are factors that can lead to damage in the future. Sunscreen is something that can be included into daily skin routines and can provide health benefits for future skin problems. Most people tend to forget that the skin is a living organism and should be taken care of properly. 

All of these tips are here to help you enjoy your time in the sun. Even if you don’t have a set skin routine now, it’s never too late to start. Conditions are always changing meaning your products should be adapting to your environment, the one thing that should remain constant is SPF. Protection is one of the most important topics brought up about skin care, and how SPF should be in everybody’s routine.