4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees in Your Spa or Office

Your best employees have the highest motivation. This motivation is brought on, not by the dollar amount but, by things that simply require your time. People want to be noticed by others that are higher up in the company. They want to know that their work isn’t going unseen. So here are some simple ways to motivate your employees and promote a better work environment.  

  1. Praise – Praise them for the work that they are doing. A simple thank you one-on-one can go a long way with someone. Another one is to let them work without managers.
  2. Group Lead – Let the group as a whole be a leader and collaboratively execute a project. It shows that you trust them as individuals that don’t need to be looked after.
  3. Be Nice – Simply ask a worker to lunch. They want to know how you think and will be glad you took the time out to actually get to know them.
  4. Wins and Losses – Finally, share the wins and the losses. If they are reaching and/or breaking goals, celebrate them. Make sure that you are always transparent and honest with your team. Let them know that it’s okay and you will rise to the top together again. 

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